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Why you need an ipad

I was listening to the podcast and I think one thing that has to be said is Apple is smart because of all the plugging surrounding it for months now alot of people have been pre-meditating about what place the tablet would fill without even know much about it. So it's not like "ok we have it now what will I do with it", most people already had the use of it planned for months this was just acceptance of "oh yeah I can use it for what I've been planning to use it for". I didn't even have to think about it, last night was a prime example for me, my MB Pro is in the shop and I didn't want to take home my netbook to watch the podcast but watching it on my phone although it's better than not watching it doesn't give me the same level of emmersion. So ta daa in steps the iPad and with the heftyscreen and keyboard and I'm hoping louder speakers spot filled.

Also like I was saying in another thread I presumeone of the ways Apple could make this device complimentary to the iPhone is this. I don't want to take the phone out of my pocket, check it, it's nothing crazyCritical and I just interrupted my train of thought or what I was doing. However in this day and age we need to know everything right off the batthat is what I end up doing alot of times per day. the messages get relayed to the iPad. Also with the same token if I have the iPad in my lap and I'm reading the message on my phone I just swipe it and it flies into the iPad and I can reply with the roomy screen/keyboard.

Now let'sSize up at some of the credible uses for the ipad now that we know we need one.

- interactive catalogues where you can turn /flip pages: for salesmanagers and such
- medical use
- musea
- digital menucard
-on demand movies in planes and other spaces
-ebook reader
-thin client to access other machines
- handheld game replacement

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